Define Contribution Pension

An occupational pension schemes where your own contributions and your employer's contributions are both invested and the proceeds used to buy a pension and/or other benefits at retirement.

DC Pension at a Glance

What is DC Pension?

A defined contribution pension scheme is a type of retirement savings plan in which the employer, employee, or both make contributions into an individual account for the worker. The worker typically has control over investment decisions for their account and the eventual benefit at retirement will depend on the amount of contributions made and investment returns.

Why DC Pension?

Defined contribution plans offer a convenient and flexible way for employees to save for retirement and potentially benefit from employer contributions and tax advantages.

Benefits of DC?

  • Portability:
  • Employee control:
  • Employer contributions:
  • Potential for tax benefits:
  • Predictable costs:

What the Difference?

  • Benefit calculation:
  • Risk allocation:
  • Portability:
  • Predictable costs:

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Features of DC Pension Scheme

Guaranteed Monthly Pension
Increased and Customized Commutation
Customized Pension Plans
No Minimum Service Eligibility Restriction
No Delays, Private Management
Easily Accessible, No more Offices Visits
On the Fly Sanctions and Delivery
GP Fund, Benovelent Fund and RBDC still existing
Your Data in your Reach
Mobile and PC Online Access
Insurance Coverage
and many more....

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