S#Company NameRattingVPS Fund SizeTotal VPS ParticipantsNetwork in KPPortfolio ManagerExperianceBackgroundLast 5 Year Conventional NAV ReturnsLast 5 Year Sharia NAV ReturnsOther Positive Points
1.ABL Asset Management Company LimitedAM1PKR 695 Million1,337ABL Funds Savings Centre: Plot # 19, Pc-10918, Sector-08, Phase VII, Stage-1 Office, Enclave, Hayatabad, Peshawar.
Fahad Aziz
Amjad Hussain
15 Years
09 Years
2.AL Habib Asset Management CompanyAM2+PKR 523 Million2701. All Bank AL Habib Branches in KP
2. AL Habib Asset Management representative available in Peshawar
Mr. Ahmed Abbas (Debt/Money Market)
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Siddiqui (Equity)
16 Years
10 Years
MBA in Finance
MSc Economics - University of Manchester
22.11% YTD (as of 31 October, 2023) Launch Date June 30, 2022 23.8% YTD (as of 31 October, 2023) Launch Date September 05, 2022Only Pension Fund Manager having all Money Market  Conventional and Shariah Compliant Funds (CIS) classified as “VERY LOW RISK” (as per SECP Risk Classification Circular No.6 of 2022).
3.Al Meezan Investment Management LimitedAM1PKR 14.91 billion40,8191. Peshawar Branch
2. Abbottabad Branch
Faizan Saleem
Ahmed Hassan
15+ Years
15+ Years
MBA Finance
CFA+MBA Finance
9.45%1.Only full fledge Shariah Compliant Asset Management Company
2. Largest size and number of customers in Pension Fund
3. Consistently good returns
4. Proactive customer service experience)
4.Alfalah GHP Investment Management LimitedAM2+PKR 405 Million432Manager (North), Islamabad Area Manager Peshawar Retail sales
Muddasir Ahmed Shaikh
Mustafa Kamal
19 Years
20 Years
BA (Honors)
ICMA Qualified
11.77%5.45%One of the leading AMCs in Pakistan with a dedicated team hired in KPK (Peshawar) for facilitation on KPK-VPS schemes.
5.Atlas Asset Management LimitedAM2+PKR 3.74 Billion8,134Representatives available to cater KPK Customers. Area is being supervised from our North and Islamabad Region.
Faran Ul Haq
Fawad Jawaid
12 Years
17 Years
11.77%9.92%One of the first four AMC's to launch VPS under VPS rules, 2005, 15 years' track record of VPS portfolio management.
No Sales Load,
Digital portal with online access.
Good long term relationship with more than 8,000 participants in VPS.
Reputed Atlas Group history,
Disciplied investment strategy and Quality sales team.
6.Faysal Asset Management LimitedAM2++PKR 223.5 Million170Through our parent bank, we can cater to customers in KP through 23 Faysal Bank Branches
Jamshed Aziz
Ayub Khuhro
Shahid Iqbal
20 Years
09 Years
30 Years
7.HBL Asset Management LimitedAM1PKR 1.3 Billion1,378Representative available - However, currently Area is being supervised from our North Region - ISB.
Muhammad Ali Bhabha
Muhammad Wamiq Sakrani
Muhammad Zohaib
28 Years
15 Years
15 Years
Banks & Mutual Funds
Mutual Funds
Banks & Mutual Funds
11.14%8.81%Our Funds ranked 1st in 365 days
8.JS Investments LimitedAM2+PKR 681 Million927Distribution through JS Bank and Bank Islami Pakistan Limited
Mr. Asim Ilyas
Syed Hussain Haider
Mr. Waqas Mustafa
23 Years
22 Years
10 Years
Money Market/ Fixed Income
11.83%9.88%we offer a fully digitized onboarding platform that provides effortless account opening assistance
9.MCB Arif Habib Savings and Investments LimitedAM1PKR 4 Billion4,5941. All KPK MCB Branches.
2. MCB Arif Habib Regional Office in Peshawer
Muhammad Asim
Syed Abid Ali
Awais Abdul Sattar
17 Years
13 Years
11 Years
Investment Management
Investment Research
Investment Research
10.15%8.59%award winning customer service
10.National Investment TrustAM1PKR 1 Billion500Peshawar Branch Mr. Kashif Imran 19 Years MBA Finance 8.44%6.88%First Asset Management Company established in 1962. Sponsored by Government of Pakistan. Largest Equity Fund (National Investment Unit Trust). Professional Fund Management Expertiese with over 60 Years of excellence.
11.NBP Funds Management LimitedAM1PKR 10.165 Billion11,8421. Regional Office in Peshawar
2.Islamic Saving Centers across KPK
Asim Wahab Khan
Salman Ahmed
15 Years
10+ Years
9.5%8.2%'-Dedicated sales team in KPK region
-Web based Digital Portal, Mobile App and Whatsapp self service portal to view Account Balance/Statements/Portfolo Analysis
-Bulk Account Opening option available for employers
-24 hour Call Center availability (0800-20002)
12.UBL Fund Managers LTDAM1PKR 8.6 billion6,5631. Peshawar Branch
2. Abbottabad Branch
Mubashir Anis
Syed Sheeraz Ali
Muhammad Waseem
10+ Years
13+ Years
08+ Years
CFA Charter Holder
Actuarial Sciences
CFA Charter Holder
8.77%7.71%Consistent Performance, Governance Structure, Top Rating